Thursday, May 23, 2013

12 Life Lessons I Learned from Italians

All experiences teach us something; sometimes, if we're lucky, they teach us many things. My trip to Italy reminded me of some important life lessons:
  1. Do what you love. The world needs your passion, and will respond in kind.
  2. Good coffee is an art. Appreciate its subtleties and richness, and take it in slowly.
  3. Good food is real food; keep it simple. When preparing a meal, use ancient grains, olive oil (lots of it), spices, cheese, wine, and love. Don’t underestimate the last ingredient – it lends the strongest flavour.
  4. Eat in the company of people you enjoy. Take your time. Talk to one another. Share stories. Laugh.
  5. Be kind to animals and children. They – and you – will be better for it.
  6. Embrace more, and kiss on both cheeks.
  7. Celebrate holidays and take at least a day off on either side.
  8. Take a nice long break in the afternoon. Everything else will wait.
  9. Don’t worry if you can’t speak the same language. A smile, a nod and a thumbs up will do nicely.
  10. Life is meant to be enjoyed. Let go of the rush and enjoy the moment – it won’t come again.
  11. Appreciate art and artists. 
  12. Give love, accept love, express love, knowing that in the end, it is all that matters.

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  1. I have loved reading these posts, Margaret! A little sad that they (and your trip) have come to an end. I love to keep a journal when I travel and I always write a trip report and post on Fodors...however I have now been inspired to make my posts and journal writing more of a story and less of a verbatim of the days events. You're a talented writer,and you made me laugh and sigh with empathy. Well done!
    Jenn Cooper