Sunday, December 9, 2012

TOW TOW TOW, Merry Christmas!

Yesterday was a festive marathon. I was invited to three festive gatherings, so impeccable timing (not my forte) would be key to getting to, and enjoying (not rushing), each of them. 

The first was a potluck gathering with friends and their kids - a great time. I arrived first (uncharacteristically), so parked at the very top of the long, narrow driveway. We had to leave in the order we arrived, so I was the last to make my way out. 

I debated backing all the way down the driveway onto the busy street or trying to turn around (our gracious hosts had already told people they could turn around on their lawn if they needed to since it's really the only way to go out frontwards). I started backing down the driveway, but decided part way down I'd be better off trying to turn around. I turned into the lawn (I thought) and tried to back out. My front wheels started spinning. I tried going forward, then backward, but before long, all of my wheels were spinning. I opened my door, only to find that I had driven into their garden and was firmly stuck in the muck. 

I sheepishly called my friends to tell them I was parked in their garden. Nathan came out to try to give me a hand, but our efforts were futile. There was nothing for it but to call a tow truck.

I went inside to use the phone. Sam, who's four, said, "Why did you drive into the muck?" (good question) and proceeded to advise me I shouldn't have done that (a solid point). 

I called a local tow truck company and explained my predicament. The woman on the other end of the line laughed heartily. "And what is the address of the place you are stuck in the garden?" she laughed. I told her. "And how will you be paying to get out of the garden?" Visa, I responded. "And what kind of car did you get stuck in the garden?" she giggled some more. A Toyota Yaris. "OK, well he's just finishing up a job on Caldwell Road so he'll be out shortly to get you out of the garden," she said, still laughing as she hung up the phone.

The tow truck arrived fairly promptly and thankfully, the operator removed my car without any judgment or mockery (at least not that he displayed outwardly - I suspect he's seen worse).

On the bright side, the event did provide me with a good story to tell at the following two parties (which I did make it to, albeit belatedly). It also reminded me I really need to rejoin CAA (I'll do that today). Best of all, four-year-old Sam was delighted to watch from the kitchen window as a real tow truck pulled my car from the muck. All in all, I'd say that was $75 well spent.

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  1. LOVE this. This is a prefect story Meg. And a great little Christmas gift for Sam. :)