Monday, January 17, 2011


I'm back to blogging after a six-week hiatus. The Oxford English dictionary defines "hiatus" as "a pause or break in continuity in a sequence or activity." It's very matter-of-fact, non-judgmental. Not like "lazy period" or "unexplained absence," which take on a decidedly accusatory tone.

"Hiatus" allows you to imagine I was doing something vastly important with my time, like putting an end to world hunger, sharpening my intellect or at the very least visiting exotic locales. Alas, I was doing none of the aforementioned, and like you (I imagine), I spent much of December in a sugar-induced stupor vacantly watching holiday specials. It's only now, two-and-a-half weeks into January, that I feel brave enough to venture out, metaphorically speaking, into a world where continuous eating and merriment have given way to a renewed commitment to discipline. I went to pilates class twice last week; the crowded room betrayed the scent of freshly made New Year's resolutions. I vow that I'll still be there in February, March and April. I'm sure others vow the same. We'll see if they (or I) stick it out or take a "hiatus" for the spring, summer and fall.

While I often make a vow to be more organized come the New Year, I've taken a hiatus from that resolution (See? Just the word makes my heart feel lighter). A courier dropped off a package to my office last week and when he asked me to sign for receipt of the item, he said, "Don't even bother looking for a pen on that desk. You'll never find one." I could have told him I was on hiatus from organizing (can you be on hiatus from something you don't generally do anyway?) and allowed him to imagine the many other important things I was doing instead, but I just laughed jovially, figuring my cheerfulness would compensate for my slovenliness.

For the most part, though, the season of hiatuses is over (except for some TV series, which seem to be on hiatus more than not). It's back to business, back to goal-setting and productivity, back to blogging. Sweet adieu, hiatus. 'Til we meet again...


  1. I'm taking a hiatus from commenting.


  2. LOL! Love it. Although I would like to think that our little town of Ashton gets the description of an exotic locale. Maybe? ;)

  3. Point taken, Janet ;0)

    Beth - I laughed out loud at your commenting hiatus.