Wednesday, November 17, 2010


You won't ever get an e-mail from me that contains an "LOL," nor will I include that or any variation thereof (LMAO, ROFL) in my Facebook status updates.

Are people REALLY laughing out loud when they write "LOL" or is it simply the modern-day version of the age-old "ha ha," which often appeared in handwritten letters? If something you write causes me to laugh out loud, I will deem this worthy of writing a full sentence in response, such as: "That made me laugh out loud." To say "LOL" somehow cheapens the experience - makes it identical to so many thousand other LOLs in the run of a day - here an LOL, there an LOL, everywhere an LOL. To me, the LOL says, "I'm much too busy to respond in more than three letters. I may even be too busy to laugh. You'll never know for sure."

I ask you: The next time you use "LOL" check to see if you have in fact made a sound that could be registered in decibels. If so, use the LOL and/or its relative e-abbreviations liberally. If not, perhaps a colon/end bracket smile would be more appropriate :)


  1. I'm so guilty of the LOL... but mostly in text form. Although, I can proudly say I have not sunk to the low of actually saying "lawwwl". Now that's lazy. - C.

  2. Very good. I giggled out loud and some air came out my nose. I'm glad there are no letters for that. GOLAON for the next Scrabble dictionary.