Monday, July 12, 2010

Excessive Hair

I drove past a spa/hair salon today and the sign outside read, "Excessive hair will be sent to the Gulf Coast."

First of all, I think they mean "excess" hair, as in the stuff that lands on the floor after it is cut (although even that is not entirely clear).

"Excessive" hair, by comparison, lies in the eye of the beholder: "Her hair is just TOO much. It's so frizzy I can barely see around it. In fact, I'd like to cut it off and send it to the Gulf Coast." (I do hope the hair donations are voluntary). Let's face it, in a humid July in Nova Scotia, any hair feels excessive (this does not mean I'll be shaving it off and sending it to the Gulf Coast. Fall comes quickly around here).

Secondly, whatever is the Gulf Coast going to do with all of this hair? (I just googled Gulf Coast oil spill + hair donations, so now I know. Sometimes google just takes the fun out of imagining). It is being used for its ability to trap oil (which, by the way, was my #1 theory before googling). Let's think carefully about this one before we jump in, shall we? I'm not sure it's a good idea to throw "excess" OR "excessive" hair into an already gruesome mess. Think bathroom sink, but on a massive scale. Who wants to clean THAT one up?

Maybe it's an ingenious idea. Maybe it's "hair-brained." But until I see results, I'm holding on to my hair, excessive or not.


  1. In this humidity, I'm willing to make a donation... giant-scale bathroom sink ickiness be damned.

  2. I learned about the hair and oil thing while on a Harbour tour with the kids aboard Theodore. They apparently use it on the navy ships in the harbour with the hair from the military barbers. Interesting!

  3. Excessive hair, in my opinion, might be anything not found on top of my head...

  4. I knew what they were doing with the hair, but it was fun to imagine that maybe they had plans to make a giant wig to cover the oil spill.

  5. I'm just learning to like my hair, frizzy or product-controlled, so I'm not considering any of it excessive these days.